Lithuanian Project , NVC Non-violent Communication with Anniken Poulsson Beer

“The Development of competences in non-violent communication of Lithuanian education system workers“ project is being implemented by the Institute of Management and Psychology and is funded under EEE Financial Mechanism.

Project partner, Anniken Poulsson Beer, is a representative of Non-violent Communication Center from Norway.

Project goal is to use Norway’s best practices and adapt non-violent communication methods in Lithuania and develop education system workers competencies of non-violent communication (NVC).

1.To promote the dissemination of non-violent communication techniques in Lithuania.
2.To strengthen educational cooperation at the International level.
3.To strengthen educational cooperation at the National level.

⦁ The project will be implemented through the following activities:

1.Preparation of non-violent communication methodological material. The methodology will be developed by 12 persons working group, consisting of 8 academics and 4 external experts.

Project partner, a representative of Non-violent Communication Center from Norway, will communication methodological material.

2. Consultations about non-violent communication methodological material to the education system workers in Lithuania. 200 people from pre-school, general education and vocational education institutions will be consulted about non-violent communication methods and its practical application in the educational process.

⦁ Expected project results:

1. Non-violent communication methodolody will be developed, 300 copies of the material will be printed and the mothodology will be available on the Internet.

2. Consultations of 320 academic hours will be provided to education system worker groups, 10 groups consisting of 20 members.